Specialists in Rare Earths and Cutting-Edge Materials

American Rare Earth & Materials specializes in Rare Earth metals and cutting-edge new materials. The Company is providing its customers with a source of Rare Earth metals that is outside of China.

This includes unique new production sources of Rare Earth metals from mining facilities in Indonesia, Russia, and other facilities worldwide. This includes new processes for the extraction of Rare Earth metals from recycled mining materials in the US and North America. This includes the development of new super alloys derived from Rare Earth metals for industrial applications including shipbuilding and containers for industrial shipping. This facility (see image) located in Lermontov City in Russia is one of several Rare Earth metal sources that American Rare Earths & Materials is developing. The Company has had a long-term relationship with this facility as a source of Rare Earth metals used in Company products.

Distributor of Rare Earth Metals

Metals available for distribution will include:

  • Lithium
  • Neodymium
  • Europium
  • Scandium

Related Chemical Products

The mining and development of Rare Earths materials produces several additional materials beyond just the Rare Earths. These include phosphates. The process involves "lifting off" the Rare Earth metals from raw metals and materials when those raw materials are dissolved in sulfuric acid and other solutions. After lifting the mix of metals and other chemicals (including phosphates) into a solution the flow is then directed into production of monoammonium phosphate (MAP) and diammonium phosphate (DAP).

These chemicals (MAP and DAP) can be used as the base substance for fertilizer products. American Rare Earths & Materials has access to a unique control release process of phosphate nutrients that avoids the radioactive and environmentally damaging pollutant process typically associated with phosphate production. MAP- and DAP-based fertilizer agents currently being tested in agricultural applications show substantial crop yield improvement and represent a future product development area for American Rare Earths & Materials. This is one of many new chemical applications that the Company has in development.

Three Businesses in Development

The result of all of these initiatives is that American Rare Earths & Materials has three (3) businesses in development including:

  • Consumer Business
  • Chemicals Business
  • Metals Business

For more information about the consumer businesses that have built products based on Rare Earth metals and cutting-edge new nanotechnology applications, see links below:

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