Management Bios

Dr. Nataliya Hearn, Ph.D., P.Eng. — Chairman, President and CEO

Dr. Hearn is the founder of American Rare Earths & Materials (originally named Element 21). Dr. Hearn began work on the technology transfer of Rare Earths including Scandium in the mid 1990’s as a scientist and professor of engineering at the University of Toronto. At American Rare Earths & Materials, Dr. Hearn has played a central role in developing a fully integrated path, starting with material sourcing, processing, patented material development, proprietary manufacturing, engineering and final product marketing. With a Ph. D. in Engineering from University of Cambridge, Dr. Hearn has led several technology transfer and development initiatives as a Director of Mag Industries (MAA.V), as Director of Materials Sourcing for Ashurst Technologies, as a Director of ProTech Corp. and as Director of New Product development for Link-Pipe Inc.

Philip Clark, CA, CPA, CFA — Chief Financial Officer

Philip Clark was appointed the Chief Financial Officer of American Rare Earths & Materials in 2009. Prior to joining American Rare Earths & Materials, Mr. Clark has taken a leadership role in business relationships and technical standards for over 20 years. A seasoned financial professional as demonstrated by holding senior positions in public accounting firms including managing partner and serving as audit committee chair and director of a Canadian crown corporation. His experience includes SEC registrants, Canadian public companies, government entities and owner-managed businesses. Mr. Clark articled with Ernst & Young, Chartered Accountants.

Altaf Kassam — Administration & Information Technology (Netsoft Systems)

Altaf Kassam has over 25 years of international experience in Information Technology implementation and management. Mr. Kassam plays a leadership role in the administration of key business processes for American Rare Earths & Materials and in the management of information technology. Mr. Kassam has been a principal at Netsoft Systems Inc. and a wide range of other high technology businesses.

Dr. David Sindall, Ph.D. — Rare Earths Materials Sourcing & Manufacture

Dr. Sindall has deep experience in the commodities sector with a focus on Rare Earth metals, Specialty Chemicals, and related complex materials including cutting-edge new nanotechnology applications. Mr. Sindall has been involved in the international supply of raw materials, developing the first tolling agreements in Russia and Ukraine, managing construction and engineering of major processing and shipment facilities for chemicals, and negotiating the sale and shipment of chemical commodities. Mr. Sindall has provided consulting services to Russian governmental agencies including the Ministry of Petrochemical Industries, Russian Government & Secretariat of State of Russia, and other agencies. Mr. Sindall has a degree in Nuclear Physics from University of Toronto and an honorary Ph.D. from St. Petersburg Acadamia of Science.

Jim Brown — Chemicals and Insulation Technologies

Mr. Brown has played a leadership role in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing industries including the oil & gas industry, power generation, aerospace, and other industrial sectors. He was a leading executive at Thermal Ceramics Inc. which manufactures products used in high heat containment, friction and filtration applications in industry, commercial and transportation markets. Mr. Brown is currently leading the effort for American Rare Earths & Materials in their Chemicals and Insulation Technologies business including managing the licensing and development relationship for the new Zero-Loft™ Aerogels insulation product. Prior to joining American Rare Earths & Materials, Mr. Brown was a Global Market Development Manager, Aspen Aerogels. He has a Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering, Clemson University.

Nigel DaCosta — Marketing

Mr. DaCosta has spent the last 12 years in the marketing and advertising industry working for some of the largest and most prestigious advertising holding companies in the world. Mr. DaCosta spent several years at Publicis leading the agency in its efforts on both advertising and interactive for large multinational clients. Mr. DaCosta directs marketing efforts for American Rare Earths & Materials. He has a degree in Economics from Brock University.

Al Jackson — Consumer Products, Engineering & Design

Al Jackson has spent over 30 years engineering and designing leading-edge consumer products and appliances. A technical wizard, Mr. Jackson has applied his knowledge and expertise to help design products for such well known brands as G Loomis, Lamiglas and Kistler. Mr. Jackson currently directs the engineering and design of outdoor recreation products for American Rare Earths & Materials. These products are award-winning revolutionary new products that have been recognized in their industry as the best new products of 2006 and 2007 and they utilize the patented Rare Earth super alloys from American Rare Earths & Materials.

Michael McDevitt — Consumer Products, Business Development

Mr. McDevitt develops retailer relationships for American Rare Earths & Materials. Mr. McDevitt has a strong background in the outdoor recreation marketplace including 12+ years with Tommy Armour Golf where he managed retail relationships. Mr. McDevitt graduated from Ferris State University in Chicago where he majored in Marketing and Management.