American Rare Earths & Materials system of alloys is protected by U.S. patents on Scandium alloys and their applications

United States Patent 5,597,529

This is an alloy system patent, which covers the addition of scandium into an aluminum alloy. It ranges from practical 0.02% to up to 10.0% which is not commercial alloy but a very expensive master alloy. Below 0.02%Sc effects are marginal. Additional elements that create 2000-7000 series aluminum alloy are covered in compositional ranges.

United States Patent 5,620,652

This patent covers use of scandium for 29 different applications where aluminum alloys are in use today, sports, weapons, automotive, aerospace, transportation and others. This allows the patent holder to extend the patents with a particular product patent application where a design or a mechanical advantage is realized with scandium alloy.