Why You Should Consider Using Cannabis To Treat Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is one of the most common illness that old people are suffering from alongside with arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, glaucoma and similar diseases that manifests mas the person grows older. This article should help you reconsider cannabis for your Parkinson’s disease and other health concern

What is Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a disease of the nervous system where you are having a difficulty or you don’t have control of your muscles, usually at hands, arms mouth and tongue muscles.

Parkinson’s disease is hard to detect because on the early stages of the disease, it can only make muscles rigid which is usually detected as arthritis and Parkinson’s disease can also slow the person’s movement such as walking and buttoning shirts which is common to the older people.

Parkinson’s disease is usually treated through surgery on brain or on the muscle but this is very expensive and over the counter medicines to stop the seizures is also pricey as well.

Cannabis for your Parkinson’s disease

Cannabis is a downer drug that relaxes muscles and slows brain activity to the use which makes it the most appropriate drug for the elderly without being too pricey and healthy as well.

Cannabis is able to combat the seizures and uncontrollable shaking causes by Parkinson’s disease by slowing down the brain neurons from sending signals in your body and relaxes your muscle and eliminates inflammation which is also helpful for your arthritis as well.

 Cannabis can be consumed by smoking it to get the upmost effects but it can induce loud and hard coughs because the smoke is too thick and itchy to your throat but it can get you the upmost high that can drive you into deep slumber because it is a downer drug

Cannabis can also be consumed by mixing the leaves into food and you can be free on volume control since it is safe to consume. The more leaves you mix into your food, the higher you can get.

There is also cannabis oil that has dampened effect that can get you high but it much safer to consume. You can consume cannabis oil directly like how you would consume a medicine in syrup or by mixing the oil into food such as salad, and pasta or drinks.

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